Einfache WhatsApp-Integration in Ihre Systeme

WhatsATool by atms API

Easy WhatsApp integration into your systems

The WhatsATool by atms API allows you to integrate WhatsApp messaging into your existing systems (such as your CMS or CRM system).

WhatsApp via API integration

With our API you do not need any other tools for your WhatsApp communication. You can plan and send WhatsApp messages or newsletters directly via your own systems and respond to incoming messages.

We will gladly send you the API documentation upon request.

The advantages of the WhatsATool by atms API:

  • No additional tool required
  • Easily send WhatsApp messages via your usual tool
  • Automate your WhatsApp newsletters




Do I have to order a specific prize package to use the WhatsATool API?

The WhatsATool API is only included in the "BUSINESS" and "ENTERPRISE" price packages. It is possible to pay an additional fee of 50 € per month to use the API in the "BASIC" package.

How are messages processed through the API?

To forward WhatsApp data through the interface there needs to be an "answer rule" established via WhatsATool. For onward transmission a "httpforward rule" is defined. We gladly help with the configuration!

Is the API already integrated in popular social media management tools?
Yes, the WhatsATool API is already integrated into the popular social media management tool swat.io. WhatsApp messages can thus be planned, sent, received and edited directly via swat.io. This is especially recommended for a very active and extensive community management. Just let us know and we will realise the implementation!

We are happy to help!

You want to know more about the WhatsATool API? We, the atms specialists, will gladly advise you personally and answer your questions.

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