VoIP telephony

VoIP telephony

Make phone calls worldwide flexibly & cheaply

VoIP telephony – what is it?

Telephoning over IP networks (“internet telephony”) is continuously growing as a result of the expansion of broadband internet. Voice-over-IP is gradually replacing out-dated ISDN technology. Sooner or later, every existing telephone line will be converted to All IP.

For companies, VoIP technology offers many advantages such as increased flexibility as a result of new functions and much cheaper telephone tariffs worldwide. With the conversion to IP, companies are no longer tied to one telephone provider, which means they can switch at any time to a new VoIP telephone system from a provider of their choice.

Voice over IP

Our VoIP products for every requirement

VoIP telephone system

atms IPBX

  • Complete VoIP telephone system
  • Simple to configure using the web browser
  • Cost-effectively scalable
  • Many useful functions
  • From only €5.90 per user per month
SIP Trunking

SIP Trunk

  • For existing IP telephone systems
  • Considerably reduce telephone costs
  • Quick to set up
  • Can be flexibly expanded
  • From 10 channels only €39 per month


  • Initiate calls via the web browser
  • Full encryption
  • No call charges
  • Intelligent call allocation in the atms network
  • A benefit for your service telephone number!

VoIP for SMEs

Operating and configuring the existing telephone system is mostly possible only for technically adept IT specialists. Technical enhancements for increasing numbers of employees or additional locations are usually expensive and complicated. And the maintenance of the system must also be paid for – binding 5-year contracts are not uncommon.

It doesn’t need to be that way!

Switch today to the world of VoIP telephony with our flexible & cost-effective atms IPBX – without expensive maintenance contracts or investment in new hardware; simple to operate using an online tool.

VoIP for SMEs (c) atms

VoIP for Startups

VoIP for start-ups (c) atms

In the initial phase of a start-up it is usually sufficient to state the mobile phone number of the CEO on the website as the contact. For quickly growing companies, this solution soon loses its value. Professional reachability concepts (announcement tapes, queues, voice mailboxes, overflows, selection menus, etc.) are unavoidable if you want to appear in the market to be a service-oriented provider.

We have the ideal solution!

The flexible & cost-efficient VoIP telephone system atms IPBX offers professional reachability from the outset, grows with you and can be used independent of locations and operating systems (WIN, MAC, iOS, Android, SIP phones).

VoIP for Service Centres

Inbound and outbound call centres have very special requirements for functionality, monitoring, reporting and flexibility. The All IP products from atms such as atms IPBX from the cloud or the SIP Business Trunk can offer this. Whether as a stand-alone solution or a combination of these two products.

Only pay for what you use!

In addition, enjoy the benefit of to-the-second invoicing as well as the best prices to all destinations around the world.

VoIP for service centres (c) atms

The end of ISDN telephony is here – how to prepare your company!

Telephony is faced with major changes: the traditional ISDN telephone networks are being replaced by IP technology. For example, Deutsche Telekom wants to convert all existing telephone lines by the end of 2018. In Austria, too, this development is progressing quickly.

Sooner or later your company’s telephone line will also be converted. Learn here how the withdrawal of ISDN affects you and what you can do over the coming months to prepare yourself for it:

We are happy to help!

Do you have any questions regarding VoIP telephony? We are advising small and large companies regarding the VoIP changeover and we would be happy to answer your questions personally.

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