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Voice control & IVR

Automated caller processing that pays off

Automation for simplified customer contact

Voice-controlled assistants are clearly gaining ground. In telephone-based customer service they assist in guiding callers to the correct contact person using the quickest route, or even in processing standardised requests in a fully automated way. This saves companies time and money, and saves callers a lot of stress.

Whether it is a simple pre-classification of callers using keypad or voice inputs (IVR) or a more complex processing of enquiries using state-of-the-art voice recognition software - with our intelligent solutions, your customer contact can be designed to be more simple, more efficient and more flexible.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for inbound and outbound

IVR systems have been an established solution for years in telephone-based customer support, in order to identify and segment callers and to route them to the most appropriate contact person. This takes place in a fully automated way in accordance with pre-defined rules and with individual announcements or queries. Caller inputs are provided either by pressing the keypad on the phone (DTMF) or via voice-controlled menus (say “one” for sales, “two” for technology, etc.). Design your IVR totally according to your requirements!


This is how the atms Cloud IVR can support you and relieve your workload:

Select callers

Select callers using selection menus and announcement services for targeted redirection


Collect relevant data even before the call (e.g. customer number)


Play ready-made sound files or even written texts (text-to-speech) to your callers

Overflow scenarios

Define overflow scenarios and distribute high call volumes (e.g. between several locations)


Handle simple business processes in a fully automated way (e.g. balance request, account block, cancellation)


Offer an answering machine as an additional communication channel, including voice-to-email, fax-to-email and email-to-SMS

With an IVR solution, you can also:

  • Carry out automated customer surveys - dial +43 664 660 335 53 for a free demonstration!
  • Implement prize competitions and voting
  • Handle PIN code requests
  • Set up alarms for emergency situations (e.g. call centre cannot be reached due to a power failure)
IVR Vorteile

The advantages to you of a cloud IVR solution from atms

  • Professional manner in telephone-based customer service
  • A system that is established in the market - used every day by millions of callers
  • Standard interfaces (http, SOAP) to your existing systems for the automated synchronisation and transfer of data
  • Easy to incorporate your own greeting and announcement texts
  • No programming knowledge or software installation required
  • Conversion of calls from traditional ISDN to SIP protocol
  • Up to 10 GB of web space on an FTP server for voice recordings
  • Comprehensive statistics to optimise your customer dialogue
  • Can be combined with all service phone numbers in more than 130 countries
  • Competent, individual advice from atms specialistserforderlich

The future belongs to voice recognition

Voice recognition software is developing quickly and offers companies many opportunities in customer service. Freely spoken words are recognised by algorithms and processed.

An example:

  • The caller states: “I have a fault with my laptop battery. I need help urgently!”

  • The voice recognition software transcribes what is said into text and saves it in a database

  • A request searches the saved text for pre-defined keywords such as “fault” and/or “help”, and an alerting system triggers a follow-up process (e.g. e-mail, SMS, call)

Are you interested in using voice recognition software in customer support? We would be happy to help you design and implement the right project for you!

We would be happy to advise you!

Get information today about automated caller processing - without obligation. We, the atms specialists, would be happy to advise you personally and help you in choosing the right solution.

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