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Service numbers

Perfect customer service on the phone

Despite digitalisation, the telephone remains the quickest and most preferred channel for resolving customer enquiries

Use service numbers efficiently for your customer acquisition and retention. Increase your telephone reachability with intelligent call distribution, announcements and queues and set yourself apart beneficially from the competition. Select the type of telephone number that is ideal for you and choose a "nice" service telephone number - we are happy to advise you!

“65 % of customers want to be able to phone a company in urgent situations“

Source: MindTake Research 2017

Various uses for service numbers

  • Information and support hotlines
  • Ordering and booking hotlines
  • Central contact number for your company or your locations
  • Feedback channel for marketing campaigns
  • Emergency telephone number
  • Fault reporting
  • Donation hotline
  • Dial-in numbers for telephone conference calls
Diverse applications of service telephone numbers (c) Fotolia

The advantages of a service phone number at atms

Improved customer dialogue
Improved customer dialogue

With a service telephone number from atms, design your customer dialogue more efficiently and improve your service quality.

Intelligent call control
Intelligent call control

With individual routing rules you can flexibly control calls – including calls from abroad – and  thereby save time and resources.

Online statistics
Online statistics

Meaningful online statistics provide you with all details about reachability and use of your service telephone number.

Announcements, queues & menus
Announcements, queues & menus

Integrate individual announcements, queues and selection menus for professional service. We produce these for you.

Outstanding network quality
Outstanding network quality

Benefit from crystal-clear call and connection quality on the atms network, which is secure and has a high level of availability.

There for you personally
There for you personally

The competent atms service team will help you with any questions regarding your service telephone number – including 24/7 in the event of a fault.

Our satisfied customers

We are happy to help!

atms operates 18,000+ service telephone numbers worldwide. Choose your suitable service telephone number and we will advise you personally about the possibilities.

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