Conference calls with atms

Conference calls with atms

Quick, easy and efficient.

Meeting by telephone – the location-independent solution for rapid results

You’re no doubt familiar with the stumbling blocks to effective business communication: endless back-and-forths by email, time-consuming meetings, and expensive business trips. Video conferences can be a useful alternative, but even these cannot always be implemented quickly and easily from a technical point of view.

With our online tool, you can start international telephone conferences within a few minutes without logging in - try it out!

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Why conference calls?

Why conference calls?

Conference calls are a highly efficient – albeit often neglected – method for rapidly sorting out important issues and finding solutions. Compared with other digital communication options, conference calls are especially suitable if:

  • A matter needs to be agreed quickly;
  • Visual elements can be put aside;
  • Colleagues can only be contacted by phone;
  • Internet connections are not stable enough;
  • You want to avoid using expensive software solutions;
  • Or you’re currently working remotely or from a home office.


By using the atms Conference Planner, in just a few clicks you can set up a reliable and cost-effective conference call!

Using atms Conference is as easy as this

PIN Code

1. Specify your preferred 6-digit PIN number. Inform all of the participants of the PIN and time of the conference call.


2. At the agreed time, the participants dial in so as to access the conference call:

  • 0820 890 890 from Austria
  • 0180 562 0 562 from Germany
  • Optional +43 820 890 890 or +43 1 267 68 90 from the rest of the world

3. The participants enter the PIN number and join the conference call. The costs of the call are automatically calculated and added to your telephone bill.

As the organiser of a conference call, you will first need to specify the following points:

  • Date and duration of the conference call;
  • Documents to be uploaded (optional);
  • A 6-digit PIN for accessing the conference call;
  • Contact details of the conference call participants;
  • Methods for sending the meeting invitation (email or text message).

What are the costs?

The conference is handled via an 0820 service number (for callers from Austria) and an 01805 service number (for callers from Germany). Callers from another destination can dial in to the call via a Vienna-based geographical number. This ensures that the conference call can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

  • Calling costs Austria: only €0.20/min. from Austrian mobile and landline numbers
  • Calling costs Germany: only €0.14/min. from German landlines and no more than €0.42/min. from German mobile numbers
  • No additional costs are incurred for the use of the atms Conference Planner!

The atms Conference service offers the following benefits:

  • A rapid and cost-effective means of organising your conference calls using the atms Conference Planner tool
  • Email or text message invitations for your participants
  • The option to attach documents (such as the agenda) to invitations
  • “Drag & drop” of your Outlook contacts
  • A text message reminder feature prior to the start of the call
  • The ability to save recurrent conference call details
  • The option to plan the call in either English or German
  • Direct dialling in by clicking on your smartphone, using the iPhone SmartSMS service

We are happy to help!

We also offer individual telephone conferences with fixed dial-in numbers! We, the atms specialists, will gladly advise you personally and answer your questions.

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