mTAN 2-factor authentication


Make online transactions comfortable and secure

More security for your customers

atms offers you state-of-the-art SMS-based two-factor authentication, as widely implemented today by banks, the public sector, online platforms and apps.


How the mobileTAN system works


1. In order to complete a transaction or registration, a mobileTAN is requested online.

PIN code

2. A multi-digit PIN code is sent to the customer's mobile phone by SMS.

transaction complete

3. The mTAN is then entered online - and the transaction or registration is complete.

2-factor authentication with mobileTAN (c) atms

mobileTAN solutions are particularly secure, because:

  • the mTAN is generated specific to the transaction in question and can therefore only be used for this.
  • in addition to requiring a user name and password for the on-line access, the customer needs to use the mobile phone registered for the purpose also ("two-factor authentication").
  • the mTAN automatically becomes invalid after a certain time and in addition transaction information is sent to the customer.

The benefits of using atms

High security

High level of protection against banking Trojans

No additional costs

No additional costs for apps or hardware

Personal support

Personal support from our experienced experts

Worldwide availability

Highest level of availability and reliability

Easy-to-use system

Easy-to-use system for your customers


Simple to integrate the SMS interface with your own systems

mTAN is ideal for your company if you:

  • would like to offer your customers modern customer service when registering online.
  • want to make on-line transactions as simple and secure as possible.
  • want to transfer transaction numbers in a secure way.
  • want to verify users safely and easily.

We are happy to help!

Discover what two-factor authentication can do for your business today. The specialists at atms look forward to advising you personally and answering any questions you have.

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