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Mobile Fundraising

Donating can be so simple

 The Mobile Fundraising solution from atms offers your organisation an inexpensive and quick way of reaching potential donors easily and simply.


Make it simple for your donors to support your organisation!

“62 % of Austrians donate readily and regularly.”

Source: Fundraising Report 2017 (Austrian Fundraising Association)

Advantages of Mobile Fundraising

Mobile Fundraising is simple, intuitive and uncomplicated - donors can support the desired organisation directly via SMS or using a link to a mobile payment website.

With Mobile Fundraising your organisation can:

  • reach new groups of donors
  • remain in communication with donors and build a relationship
  • integrate new channels such as WhatsApp and similar into the donation dialogue
  • offer a simple payment process for your donors

SMS donation

After becoming aware of a campaign as a result of a poster, a Facebook post or a TV advert, the donor sends an SMS with the donation amount to the advertised phone number and enters the donation amount there. The donor then receives an SMS to which he/she must reply “Yes”. The amount donated is conveniently debited from the telephone bill.

Mobile Fundraising step 1

For a €10 donation, send an SMS with “10” to the donation number.

Mobile Fundraising step 2

€10 donation is debited via the telephone bill.

Mobile Fundraising step 3

Donation successfully received.
Many thanks!

Smartphone donation

Whether via WhatsApp, a Facebook post or an e-mail newsletter, it is really simple to provide your followers with donation links! With just one click your donors are taken to a mobile payment website provided by network providers A1, T-Mobile and Drei.

There the donor can select the desired amount and enter a confirmation code that is sent to him/her by SMS - just like online banking. The donation amount is simply debited from the telephone bill.

Smartphone donation step 1


Click link to payment website.

Smartphone donation step 2


Select donation amount.

Smartphone donation step 3


Receive code via SMS and enter to confirm.

Smartphone donation step 4


The donation has been received! Many thanks!


Which amount is paid out to the NPOs?

With Mobile Fundraising, atms offers charity organisations a product that also satisfies the specific features of a donation product from a commercial perspective. Among all mobile phone operators that support SMS donations, 97% of the amount chosen by the donor is distributed and can be paid to charities.

Are you permitted to inform customers who have made donations about other campaigns?

Only with the prior consent of the customer, which can be obtained directly in the donation dialogue or subsequently as part of a personal thank-you call.

Is there a possibility to make regular donations, e.g. €10 each month?

Yes, regular donations can also be set up on the atms donation platform.

What happens to donors who were unable to donate?

These people receive a message that can be defined for this purpose.

Example: “Unfortunately your tariff does not allow you to make a donation. May XY get in contact with you?”

Can contact be made with donors?

Only with prior consent, which can be obtained directly in the donation dialogue.

atms as a partner

Since 2008 atms has been providing charities and NGOs with a flexible and simple way of fundraising through Mobile Fundraising. Donations of over €1.5 million have already been processed through our Mobile Fundraising solution.

Markus Buchner, Managing Director of atms

“Dialogues are the basis of our business. Since our foundation we have been committed to giving something back to society. That is why we are delighted to be able to support organisations with the Mobile Fundraising solution.”
Markus Buchner, Managing Director of atms

Our satisfied customers

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Learn more about Mobile Fundraising in the case study with Caritas:

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