Intelligent routing

Intelligent routing

Keeping track of your calls at all times

Flexible call control for optimum reachability

Intelligent routing is about quickly putting your callers through to the correct contact person. It doesn’t matter which national or international service number you offer your services through: with the comprehensive routing solutions from atms, you direct incoming calls to suit you and benefit from the latest technological standards.

Configure routing plans yourself quickly and simply using an online tool, or let atms specialists advise you!


Save time and resources through targeted caller routing – in accordance with your requirements!

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3 reasons for intelligent routing

Quick call processing


With intelligent routing, immediately direct customers to the correct contact person and thereby shorten the processing time for customer issues. Ensure the satisfaction of your customers through quick and uncomplicated reachability.

Save resources


Save internal resources by putting prank callers on a blacklist and giving preferential treatment to your most valuable customers. Benefit from the diverse opportunities of intelligent routing without investing in expensive hardware.

Efficient planning


With intelligent routing, you can plan in advance how you can be reached in particular situations. You can adapt your routing plans in the long term or on the spur of the moment – and ensure your customers always reach the right place.

Why atms?

As the leading provider of service telephone services atms offers the latest technological standards that are geared towards the most demanding requirements in customer service. You will receive from us:

  • Personal, expert advice
  • 24/7 emergency service in the event of technical faults
  • Attractive pricing structure
  • Implementation of individual requests
  • Voice and mobile solutions from a single source
  • Outstanding network quality

We are happy to help!

Benefit from the diverse atms routing possibilities. atms specialists would be delighted to advise you personally and respond to your questions.

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