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0800 Free Phone

Always be reachable free-of-charge

Make it easy for your customers to reach you!

For callers, free phone numbers (e.g. 0800) are always free-of-charge. The company called pays the connection charges for calls, and therefore comes across as particularly customer-friendly. Intelligent call control features give you more flexibility and accessibility for your customers.


How do free phone numbers work?

Calls to free phone numbers (e.g. 0800 numbers) are always free for the caller because the called company bears the costs for calls to these phone numbers.

Like all other service numbers, free phone numbers can be used on any landline or mobile phone connection. By default, all incoming calls to a service number are forwarded to a phone number defined by you. Consequently the service number contract does not include the telephone connection itself.

Depending on requirements, you can also forward calls to different connections – e.g. depending on the time of day or the caller’s dialling code area, calls can be directed to different destination numbers. If you change your telephone connection, you can retain the 0800 phone number and simply forward calls to the new connection.

What companies are free phone numbers suitable for?

Free phone numbers (e.g. 0800 numbers) are recommendable for all companies looking to impress through customer satisfaction and a marked focus on service – from an electrician’s firm with four employees to an international conglomerate. Currently, atms supports over 3,000 active free phone numbers in 120 countries for companies in every sector and of all sizes.

The toll-free 0800 dialling code shows your customers that they can reach you free of charge. This enables you to increase customer contacts and to stand out noticeably from the competition. 0800 numbers are the ideal instrument for information, support, order and fault hotlines and for acquiring new customers. Your company also benefits from a single telephone number in communication as well as a wide range of call control options.

What costs are to be expected for a free phone number?

For a free phone number you pay the connection fee for your callers. The costs for each phone call depend on how long the conversation takes and whether you are called from a landline or mobile phone network (different tariffs apply here).

The smallest 0800 package in our online shop starts with a basic monthly price of 9.90 euros including 100 call minutes. Many companies pay significantly more for individual cell phone contracts each month, a traditional fixed line connection is much more expensive.

Our price lists for the D-A-CH region:

Do you need free phone numbers for specific countries or regions? Just contact us - we offer worldwide service numbers on favorable terms.

How does atms differ from other service numbers providers?

In contrast to other providers, atms is a network operator that specialises in service phone numbers and can demonstrate a wealth of experience in this area. Currently, atms supports more than 18,000 service phone numbers for customers worldwide.

Our telephone network, specially developed for service numbers, is specially optimized for high network quality and fault tolerance. The atms specialists are happy to answer all your questions about your service number and can refer to numerous reference projects. In the event that your telephone line is disturbed, we are available 24/7 to redirect your calls to alternative destinations.

In the atms online shop we offer very attractive minute packages at very favorable conditions. For example, many companies pay significantly more for individual mobile phone contracts each month than our 0800 phone number packages cost.

If you need an individual 0800 offer, we are of course also happy to help! We offer free phone numbers in 120 countries.


“Customers expect free hotline numbers for support“

Source: MindTake Research 2017

0800 - Signal greatest possible customer proximity

  • Be quick, easy and free available for your customers with a 0800 hotline.
  • Stand out from your competitors and show yourself to be particularly customer-friendly and service-orientated.
  • Increase your contacts and inquiries by free care for your callers (up to +25 %).
  • Profit from attractive conditions and extensive routing options at atms.

The benefits of a service number at atms

Use cases

Various fields of application

  • Order, information or support hotlines
  • Quick feedback channel for marketing campaigns
  • Central contact number for your company
  • Hotline for charitable donations
  • Emergency number
Plenty additional features


  • Individual routing options
  • Junk call protection and blacklisting
  • Virtual voice mailbox (Voice to eMail) 
  • Customised announcements
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • and more ...
Available for 120 countries


  • From A for Argentinia to Z for Zanzibar
Download country overview

Order 0800 numbers for the D-A-CH region online

  • 0800 freephone numbers for Austria and the German-speaking area (D-A-CH)
  • Available from just € 9.90 / month, incl. free minutes
  • Free selection from our online phone number pool
  • Easy to remember, immediatly available
  • Ordered in a few minutes, configured in 1 working day

Do you need free phone numbers for specific countries or regions?

We offer worldwide service numbers on favorable terms - contact us!

We are happy to help!

Do you need free phone numbers for specific countries, do you have questions about your call concept, or would you like to port phone numbers to us? As an international service phone number specialist, we can fulfil (almost) all your wishes.

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