Case study ZIB100

WhatsApp service for everyday news format

With the ZIB100 the "Zeit im Bild" team of the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF) developed a compact newscast in a format suitable for smartphones. To enable the daily ZIB100 news to be sent to 40,000 subscribers via WhatsApp, “Zeit im Bild” utilises the WhatsATool solution from atms.


Since 25 April 2016, “Zeit im Bild” anchors have presented 100 seconds of compact information under the title ZIB100 at around 5.25 pm every Monday to Friday. The programme is produced in portrait format and all of it is subtitled. ZIB100 can thus be watched on TV using a split screen and on the road on a smartphone on, Facebook and Twitter.

In order to reach the mobile users more quickly and directly, ZIB100 is scheduled to be the first Austrian video format to be made available via WhatsApp.


atms Lösung

To enable the daily ZIB100 news to be sent to subscribers via WhatsApp, “Zeit im Bild” utilises the WhatsATool by atms solution developed by atms.

WhatsApp users can register for the service very simply here. As soon as a new edition of the programme is available, the subscribers are automatically notified by means of a push message and can access ZIB100 directly on their smartphone.

Just on the day it was launched (6/6/2016), some 10,000 subscribers signed up for ZIB100 on WhatsApp; after only eight weeks, this number had already risen to 26,000, after less than one year it was 37,000 - trend continues to rise. Within an extremely short time, WhatsApp has thus become the second most frequently used broadcasting channel for ZIB100 – after

However, WhatsApp is not just a broadcasting channel for “Zeit im Bild”, but also a feedback channel. Incoming messages from users are answered regularly – which is also an easy and straightforward function via WhatsATool from atms.

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Created on: 09/01/2016