Case study VBV Vorsorgekasse

to strengthen customer dialogue

In order to strengthen customer dialogue throughout the country, VBV relies on atms Conference, the fast conference call solution from atms. With no prior registration required and no waiting times, this solution allows conference calls to be held with any number of participants.


VBV is backed up by major banks and insurance companies, via which its products as well as advisory services about the new termination benefits system known as “Abfertigung NEU” can be obtained across Austria. Furthermore, VBV also provides clients with on-site support through its own experts and is available to share information at various trade fairs for financial service providers.

In order to give clients the additional opportunity to exchange information with other clients during a chaired dialogue, the idea of a conference call was considered.

atms Solution

Because VBV only wants to offer conference calls for its clients in individual cases and on specific topics, the decision was taken to use the general atmsConference solution which can be reached by dialling 0820 890 890. With no prior registration required and no waiting times, conference calls with any number of participants from Austria and abroad can be held. The cost is simply and conveniently billed through the participants’ telephone bill.

atmsConference works as follows:

  • The time and subject of the conference call are notified to interested clients in advance by e-mail. After they have decided to participate in the call, they receive the PIN code for dialling in, and supplementary presentation documents are also sent to them. atms provides an easy-to-use online tool for the invitation process.
  • The conference calls that have been offered to date have received positive feedback. The cost of EUR 0.20 per minute, which is charged to all participants (including the organizer, VBV), did not prevent a large number of participants joining the call. There was a positive response to the fact that the conference calls could be held within an anonymous context and that they were chaired by an expert from VBV.

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Created on: 12/14/2010