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VoIP complete solution for in- and outbound calls

To ensure its call centre’s technical equipment reflects the state of the art, Tel Commerce GmbH decided to replace the old analogue telephone system with a modern VoIP solution. With atms, the ideal partner was found to handle all the telephony from a single source.


Analogue telephone systems in Austria and Germany are increasingly being replaced by VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), i.e. telephony over the internet. This primarily saves costs and enables more flexible telephony control.

To ensure the equipment reflects the state of the art in the sector, Tel Commerce GmbH consequently decided to replace the old telephone system with a modern VoIP solution The opportunity was also taken to reduce the number of suppliers in order to further decrease costs and complexity.

atms Solution

In atms, Tel Commerce GmbH found the ideal partner to handle all its telephony from a single source. For this purpose the atms VoIP-telephone system was tested extensively in advance and declared suitable.

In the next step, the special requirements for the in- and outbound hotlines were jointly defined and configured. These include, for example, loops, overflows, fallback scenarios and transfer of the telephone number of the project sponsor concerned.

It was then possible to port the existing landline number without any interruption. After a brief familiarisation phase to become accustomed with the new PC software, the employees quickly appreciated the IP solution and now profit from useful features such as Click-2-Call.

The low tariffs to specific destinations were indispensable for the management. It was possible to customise these at atms with country zone billing. In the event of technical issues, direct communication also takes place between the telephone and internet providers, thus in effect reducing the call centre’s downtimes to zero.

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Case Study created on: 01/25/2017