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Accompanying studies with voice SMS into the landline network

Reliable, solution-orientated partners in the communication process are essential to conduct scientific studies at Sonnenhofspital hospital, Switzerland. In particular, reminding the study participants reliably to perform necessary activities is a major factor for a study to be successful. websms provided the private hospital with a solution which enables both the young target group to be notified effectively via mobile phone and the older study participants over landlines.

“We use websms to remind all study participants reliably of their nasal swabs by means of SMS. If a participant does not have a mobile phone, they are reminded via landline using a voice SMS. We were particularly impressed by this additional function.”

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Dr. med. Jan Brügger, Deputy Chief Physician / Senior Consultant for Internal Medicine and Nephrology


For ongoing studies, Sonnenhofspital was looking for an option of reminding participants reliably of when nasal swabs needed to be taken and when they needed to begin with prophylactic measures before an operation.

In addition to reliable transmission, one major requirement for Dr. Brügger was to reach the older group, some of whom do not have a mobile phone. This could not be achieved solely by sending SMSs. “In particular older participants who frequently only have a landline connection or are not familiar with SMS need to be reminded reliably. But calling each person individually would overtax our resources.”

Ultimately it was the wish of the Senior Consultant to make a easy-to-use reminder tool available to his staff.

atms Solution

With online SMS and its integrated SMS2Voice functionality websms, it was possible to satisfy all the requirements of Sonnenhofspital effectively:

Tests enabled the transmission reliability to be ensured. Furthermore, Dr. Brügger praised the simple handling and the option of planning transmission in advance as a way to relieve the workload enormously. “It is also an extremely cost-effective option for reminding people,” adds the Senior Consultant.

However, the primary success criterion for reminding the study participants is the integrated SMS2Voice functionality of online SMS: websms automatically converts SMSs to voice messages when a landline number is stored for a participant. “This makes our work easier because we don’t have to manually call participants who don’t have a mobile – SMS2Voice does this for us automatically,” says Dr. Brügger of the free add-on function.

Summing up, the Deputy Chief Physician confirms that using online SMSs to remind the patients ensures that they take nasal swabs and perform prophylactic measures on schedule. This enabled the compliance of the patients to be significantly increased.

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Created on: 01/23/2017