Case study Samsung

Cloud-based customer satisfaction surveys

Samsung was looking for a cost-effective solution for its customer satisfaction surveys in Austria and Switzerland. This solution had to be standardized for all callers and facilitate electronic processing. atms implemented a fully automatic, atms-network-based IVR system that meets all the requirements.


Samsung’s past customer satisfaction surveys were carried out by means of classical outbound campaigns. The following points were identified as disadvantages:

  • Not possible to conduct a caller survey immediately after customer contact
  • Call centre agent exerts indirect influence on the assessment
  • Cost of agent for the outbound campaign

The client required the implementation of a cost-effective customer survey that is conducted as soon as possible after customer contact and which is standardized for all callers and can be processed electronically.

atms Solution

atms implemented a fully automated IVR customer satisfaction survey solution for Samsung in Austria and Switzerland. The system was integrated into the existing service number concept which atms has been operating for Samsung for some time. The chosen cloud solution in the atms network meant that Samsung did not have to invest in its own hardware or deal with interviewer costs.

Caller pre-screening is an important part of the survey and is based on a multi-stage IVR menu in which the caller makes selections by pressing the relevant keys:

  • Language (where necessary)
  • Participation in the customer satisfaction survey Yes/No
  • Permission to record the conversation Yes/No
  • Product category

The customer satisfaction survey takes place immediately after the service call. By means of the IVR system, customers are asked five standardized questions, which they can answer on a scale of 0 to 9 using their telephone keypad. After the final question, customers have the option of leaving a personal recorded message for Samsung.

Experience from live operation shows that, on average, customer assessments are completed within less than 90 seconds after the service calls. The participation rate of up to 20% is an above-average figure. Samsung receives regular reporting on the surveys from atms.

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Created on: 08/12/2009