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Quick WhatsApp communication with blood donors

The blood donation service of the Austrian Red Cross in Styria successfully uses WhatsApp in its communication with donors. Information about the subject of donating blood, current dates and first aid tips are shared using the new channel, and individual questions are personally answered.

“With atms we have found the perfect partner to efficiently deploy our WhatsApp service. The channel is very well received by the community and is being continually improved thanks to user feedback. The atms support team is always at our side in the process.”

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Lucas Kundigraber, New Media Officer for Red Cross Styria


The blood donation service has for a long time used e-mail and SMS to remain in contact with donors. As a result of the rapidly increasing use of messenger services such as WhatsApp, the Red Cross has decided to also become active in this field and to create an additional service channel.

WhatsApp-Newsletter des ÖRK Steiermark (Screenshot)

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  • With, the Red Cross already used a powerful social media management tool that allows messages to be sent and processed in the team in a simple way. By linking up to the WhatsATool from atms it has been possible to smoothly integrate WhatsApp communication.
  • People who are interested can register for the WhatsApp service using a registration form on the website. To increase the value of the channel from a content perspective, in addition to information on the subject of blood donation it sends information about current dates, particular shortages of blood groups etc., interesting news items from the Red Cross and first aid tips.
  • Furthermore, individual questions from users are answered personally within a short period of time. Questions where the editorial team requires input from colleagues can simply be allocated and processed using irrespective of where colleagues are at the time.
  • The target group of the WhatsApp channel is primarily existing donors and first time donors, but also their own Red Cross employees who like to receive and share the information.

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Case study created on: 6/6/2017