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Reliable mobile TAN service through direct atms interface

Mobile TAN provides bank customers with a convenient and secure verification service for online banking transactions. Through its cooperation with atms, Raiffeisen Informatik GmbH can offer Raiffeisen bank customers an efficient and secure online banking system.


Mobile TANs, transaction numbers sent by SMS, offer bank customers a convenient verification procedure for online banking transactions. The mobile TAN procedure makes online banking more flexible and much more secure.

Customer acceptance of mobile TANs has increased greatly.Financial transactions can be carried out conveniently with a computer and mobile phone, wherever you are. The Raiffeisen Bank also wanted to offer its customers this convenient way of dealing with financial transactions.

atms Solution

In cooperation with atms, Raiffeisen Informatik GmbH has been able to offer Raiffeisen Bank customers an efficient and secure system for their online financial transactions since 2008.

When a request for a mobile TAN is submitted via the online banking system, a transaction number is automatically generated and sent within seconds by SMS to the customer’s mobile number. These mobile TANs can be used for any signature transaction with the Raiffeisen Bank at home or abroad.

This process is handled by an SMS centre operated by Raiffeisen Informatik GmbH, which passes the data on to atms for further processing, with atms providing a uniform and direct interface to the various mobile network operators.

This ensures that the data reaches the end customer as quickly as possible and by the most direct route. An efficient, reliable network and 24-hour monitoring of the systems means atms can guarantee secure round-the-clock operation.

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Created on: 06/29/2009