Case study treatsoft

SMS integration to enhance service quality

treatsoft, a software solution for treating physicians, has for years offered text message appointment reminders and text message marketing measures directly from the software. Because of the instability of the text message partner at the time, websms was switched to.


Customer-orientated therapists who ensure that patients are not subjected to long waiting times when assigning appointments frequently incur substantial costs through people failing to attend. One major requirement for efficient practice software is consequently to reduce the high missed appointment rate by means of simple and cost-effective appointment reminders.

The company hard-soft wanted to send these text message appointment reminders via a reliable partner. hard-soft was also anxious to offer a particularly high level of security and to protect the customer accounts against unauthorised access.

atms Solution

Together with hard-soft Informationstechnoliogie GmbH, the websms interface was integrated at various places in the treatsoft software.

Within a short time, the missed appointment rates of the customers using it were significantly reduced by employing appointment reminders, thereby increasing the service quality for patients and considerably decreasing the internal costs.

  • Customers have the opportunity either to remind all their patients, or only particular patients, of appointments; or they decide on an appointment-specific basis whether or not a reminder should be sent.
  • In order to also offer treating physicians the option of sending bulk text messages for particular purposes or to transfer customised text messages to strengthen customer ties, this option was integrated into treatsoft.
  • A high level of security is ensured by two-factor authentication: After the first successful login with the user name and password, a one-time password is sent to the user’s mobile phone number by means of text message.


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Created on: 06/14/2016