Case study PayLife

Diverse SMS service for greater card transaction security

As the Austrian market leader in card payments, PayLife is a successful interface between cardholders, financial institutions and contracting parties. A comprehensive SMS service was implemented in cooperation with atms in order to provide customers with an enhanced service when they make cashless payments by card.


 Cashless payments by card are very popular in Austria, be it with a Maestro debit card or PayLife credit and prepaid cards. A versatile SMS solution was sought to enhance the card-based payment service for cardholders. Practically every cardholder also owns a mobile phone, allowing them to access information anytime, anywhere, e.g. even when abroad.

atms was charged with the step-by-step implementation of the following services for PayLife:

  1. Registration: the cardholder registers for the SMS service via the portal and receives a confirmation SMS on their mobile phone.
  2. Balance enquiry: the cardholder sends an SMS to PayLife and receives an SMS reply on their mobile phone specifying their current balance.
  3. Statement notification: the cardholder can also be notified of new statements by SMS rather than just by email as was the case before.

atms Solution

There are two main elements to the service provided by atms: messages are first created in PayLife's SMS centre and forwarded to atms within a secured environment. atms ensures that the messages are delivered to the right cardholders. Incoming customer texts are, in turn, forwarded by atms to the PayLife customer portal at

The connection to every Austrian network operator as well as the two redundant data centres operated by atms allowed a high-availability solution to be developed which continues to work reliably even in the event of the loss of a component or a network operator. In the event of a problem, atms operates a 24h support service for PayLife, providing rapid response to all change or enhancement requests.

atms also implemented the active retrieval of SMS messages for PayLife, which is achieved using a virtual mobile number (VT number). This ensures that SMS can be sent to this VT number from all mobile telephones, e.g. including foreign ones. The reception rate is not limited either, as would be the case with a real mobile. Outgoing messages are sent with the sender ID “PAYLIFEBANK”, making them easily recognizable.

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Created on: 12/17/2009