Case study OMV Vitatherm

Hotline solution with smart database-based routing

The “new generation smart network” (NGSN) from atms provides customers with flexible, interconnected service components within the atms network. Since October 2011, OMV has also been using the NGSN in order to be able to provide even better service to its Vitatherm heating oil customers.


 Some 200,000 households in Austria order their heating oil from one of over 40 OMV Vitatherm contractual partners. However, many customers are not aware of the fact that the area in which they live may be supplied by up to six different heating oil suppliers. OMV Vitatherm wanted a central, easy-to-remember contact point to be created in order to make customers aware of this possibility and to ensure greater transparency in the choice of supplier.

atms Solution

This was done in October 2011 with the help of a smart 0810 service number in the atms NGSN (“new generation smart network”). When customers call this number, they are asked to enter their postal code, whereupon the system promptly lists a suitable selection of possible suppliers (2-6).

The customer selects their preferred dealer using the keypad and is then connected directly. If only one supplier is available for the chosen region, the caller is put through to them straight away. If a supplier is unavailable at a given time, the customer can leave a voice message. This will be received and distributed centrally by OMV in the form of an e-mail.

The solution implemented by atms has created a central contact point that helps customers find the best/cheapest/nearest heating oil supplier with minimal administrative effort (as it is fully automatic). The atms ServicePortal allows OMV to analyse and evaluate call data and traffic flows etc. at any time.

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Created on: 10/01/2014