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VoIP telephone solution for internationally active online retailer

As a modern, Austrian online retailer with an international focus, in November 2016 Niceshops GmbH decided to evaluate and test a contemporary VoIP telephone solution. The solution should keep pace with the management’s expansion plans and fulfil the requirements of state-of-the-art technology. Technology heads and management decided to rely on the proven telephone provider atms.

“atms is a long-standing partner where customer communication is concerned. We have been putting our trust in its expertise since 2005 and, since then, we have been using a wide variety of products such as domestic and foreign service telephone numbers and now also the hosted telephone system from the cloud.”

5 stars for atms

Roland Fink, Managing Director of Niceshops GmbH


The international business concept of Niceshops GmbH made it necessary to merge customer calls from various European countries into the switchboard in Saaz, west of Graz. For questions regarding products and orders, the employees must also be able to make cost-effective foreign calls to other European countries. For this it is important that the respective national service telephone number is shown on the display of the person called.

The call centre is multi-lingual and every agent must be able to immediately identify callers from the respective countries and online shops. Some service employees make calls from desk telephones, others do so from their PC using a softphone and headset.

The rapid expansion of the company placed the challenge of a high level of flexibility on the provider of the desired VoIP telephone system. In a comparison of providers it was additionally revealed that technology and support are also important criteria for the selection, as there are differences in this regard between providers.

atms Solution

For many years, Niceshops GmbH has been using freephone 0800 service numbers from atms for its online shops. You can also read about this in our blog: How the e-commerce star Niceshops generates more sales online using service hotlines (German only)

In November 2016, the management decided to test the VoIP telephone solution from atms. Within a few days, access to the atms IPBX was set up and the first test users were created. The desktop control software for Windows and Apple computers that was also supplied was then tested.

Furthermore, existing SIP telephone systems made by Snom were reconfigured to allow them to connect to the new atms account. With their many years of experience, atms specialists were able to assist in solving tricky hardware problems.

The next step was to fine-tune the configuration of ring tones, voicemail, queues, sound files, etc. and which display employees on the telephone or soft client should receive.

During the following weeks, the atms system was put through its paces and used daily by the Niceshops employees. Once everyone understood and was familiar with the new technology, incoming calls from various European countries were routed to the VoIP system. Furthermore, new geographical landline numbers were rolled out and signal the local connection to the location.

At the start of 2017, within just 10 weeks, the changeover to the new telephone system for Niceshops GmbH was successfully concluded.


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Case Study created on: 02/23/2018

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