Case study NFON

Even more routing functions with next generation smart network (NGSN)

Working in collaboration with NFON, a new suffix dialling concept based on geographical telephone numbers was developed for a customer with international operations. atms implemented additional routing options in the next generation smart network (NGSN) to complement the telephone system provided by NFON.


An NFON customer with international operations was planning to replace its existing telephone number concept with one based on geographical numbers. The customer wanted existing extensions to be integrated into the new suffix dialling concept. In the case of international calls – depending on the language in the country concerned – the customer also wanted an automatic “language code” to be generated to allow the call centre to answer in the correct language. An easy-to-manage interface was also part of the requirement.

atms Solution

Together with NFON and its customer, a new suffix dialling concept was developed which satisfies all the requirements. atms is providing its state-of-the-art next generation smart network (NGSN) with its wide range of routing options as well as additional network-based functions.

The accompanying Web user interface facilitates easy system control by the customer. In combination with NFON’s web-based telephone system, all the customer’s wishes were satisfied.

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Created on: 03/12/2013