Case study Microsoft Vexcel

International support hotline with regional access numbers

An international telephone system was developed for Vexcel Imaging GmbH, a Microsoft subsidiary. Technical service personnel from various parts of the world can log in via a web tool and quickly deal with customer enquiries. Callers can use low-cost regional access numbers.


The UltraCam range of high-resolution digital aerial cameras is an example of the high-quality products Microsoft offers its customers. As an additional service, the company wanted to extend the existing telephone support service to round-the-clock support. Support staff from various parts of the world should be able to respond quickly to calls from customers. The multi-member teams are easiest to reach on their mobile phone numbers in Austria, the USA and Singapore. Customers should be provided with a low-cost access number for each region.

atms Solution

In each of the three countries, a local fixed-line access number was set up for the customers, via which calls are routed into the atms network.

The calls are received centrally and then connected to the technicians who are logged in to the atms system at the time. The system automatically checks the origin of the caller and passes them on to the relevant support unit in the USA, Singapore or Austria, depending on the time. The support staff determine how they want to prioritize calls within their unit.

In the event that no technician is available or reachable, the customer can leave a voice message, which is immediately sent to a central distributor as an email attachment.

The support staff log into and out of the telephone system via an easy-to-use web tool. If there is temporarily no access to the Internet, basic functions such as login/logout can also be controlled via a phone call. A comprehensive statistics tool allows those responsible to look at reports and gain an overview of callers for each country and time zone, missed calls etc.

The high level of satisfaction with this project led to atms being awarded the contract to implement another hotline solution.

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Created on: 06/24/2014