Case study Marketing Forum Linz

Telephone-based polling solution for a perception experiment

atms implemented a telephone polling solution for a perception experiment at the “Österreichisches Marketing Forum Linz 2011”. The forum participants, numbering almost 400, were able to vote in real time using free 0800 service numbers.


As part of the “Österreichische Marketing Forum Linz 2011”, a perception experiment was to be used to give the almost 400 participants a live demonstration of how subliminal information finds its way into the human brain.

atms Solution

The experiment involved showing the conference participants a variety of advertorials for three seconds at a time. The audience’s task consisted in counting the dots placed on the advertorials. But this was just a superficial task that was supposed to “occupy” the brain.

In fact, the number of dots that could be counted in the test was indicated at the bottom of each advert. In addition, a specific word - “Emuko” - was displayed next to this information below each advertorial.

Once all the advertorials had been shown, the participants were supposed to choose which of three words was, in their opinion, displayed below the adverts.

They were able to vote for their “favourite” by calling one of three 0800 numbers provided by atms. And in fact the word that was displayed on the adverts did get by far the most votes.

The telephone polling solution implemented by atms enabled participants to vote for their chosen word free of charge on a 0800 service number from any Austrian mobile network.

In addition to immediate analysis of the votes, atms also ensured that the results were presented with event CI compliance on a password-protected website that was only accessible to the customer.

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Created on: 11/03/2011