Case study JCL Logistics

Increased efficiency through SMS in the notification process

The transport and product logistics company JCL Logistics stands out worldwide mainly on account of its great customer orientation, and focuses on a strong partner for its communication: The Track & Trace Service uses the SMS Gateway from websms in order to inform the customers directly about the status of their transport or parcel delivery.


For the internationally active logistics company it was important to expedite the notification process and also to prevent unnecessary trips by customer employees by means of direct deadline agreement.

With respect to the choice of medium, Thomas Wusem from JCL Logistics says of his experience: “Phone calls are often disturbing for working customers, and emails are not always read regularly.” Because of this, text messages were chosen as the communication medium – a solution that suited the customers.

It was also important to the company that integratation of the solution into the existing systems could happen simply, quickly and reliably.

atms Solution

JCL Logistics integrated the ready-made, simple websms HTTP interface into the corporate software. With this API the transmission of a text message to a list of recipients is enabled by means of a simple HTTP/GET request. To keep private customers constantly notified of the transport status of their delivery, a message is generated by the JCL Transport-Management System and transferred to the SMS Gateway.

When the customers can’t be reached by phone, they receive an information text message with a request for them to call back. On the day of the agreed delivery, the end customers once again receive a text message as a reminder.

The success achieved was apparent after just a short time: “With text message communication we agree on a deadline with the customer more quickly and reduce the probability that they will not be at home on the agreed deadline. The time savings for our staff and their reduced administration burden are appreciable,” says Thomas Wusem.


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Created on: 06/14/2016