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VoIP telephone system for integrating several locations

The IT service provider, ITSDONE, was looking for a telephone system solution capable of integrating new employees at several different locations. The management decided to make the switch to VoIP telephony and found the ideal solution provider in atms.

"atms implemented our wishes with the utmost of professionalism. We were impressed by the speed with which the project was executed and atms's comprehensive service, and feel we've been very well looked after."

5 Sterne für atms

Harald Kilian, Managing Director of ITSDONE


Having built a reputation as a competent IT service provider and outsourcing partner, by the end of 2015 ITSDONE found itself facing the welcome challenge of having to expand. Additional office space was leased in Vienna and plans to open new branches in other cities contemplated.

For a professional IT service provider like ITSDONE, smooth communication between colleagues and with customers and business partners is essential for its day-to-day activities. Expanding the existing telephone system presented the building services team with a number of technical difficulties that would have required a significant financial investment to overcome, however. And this still wouldn't have taken into account the need to integrate the new offices and mobile workers.

These factors prompted the management to consider a completely new approach and go with VoIP telephony. The key requirement for the new solution was being able to integrate office workplaces at all locations, the in-house call centre and smartphone users. In addition to this, service and technical staff had to be able to choose between dialling out using the central service hotline number or anonymously.

atms was able to satisfy these requirements with their recently launched atms IPBX. atms had been reliably hosting service call numbers for ITSDONE for several years, and this new project served to further intensify their cooperation.

atms Solution

Within just a few weeks, atms had implemented the VoIP telephone system for ITSDONE. The traditional telephone system features were extended with ACD components to provide comprehensive call transfer functionality. New greeting messages, on-hold loops, voice mailbox messages and out-of-office announcements were produced in conjunction with a sound studio.

To go with the new system, ITSDONE ordered the desktop and DECT telephones recommended by atms too. The user groups along with their specific requirements in terms of telephone system and device functionality were quickly defined. In addition to this, the usefulness of the old settings in the former in-house system was discussed and transferred to the new system as required. This included such things as hunt groups, overflow call handling and conference functions, telephone directory, call pick-up or hold, etc.

In just two weeks, installation of the system was far enough advanced that the first users could begin testing it. Over the following weeks, the system was fine tuned and contingency scenarios, e.g. power failures, reproduced. The project was completed with the porting of the existing main landline number to atms. Additional offices, telephone numbers, employees and licenses for PC and smartphone clients were integrated later on.

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Case Study created on: 04/20/2017