Case study ITSDONE

Customized conference call solution

ITSDONE provides high-quality IT services to customers throughout Austria. In order to cut down on travelling expenses for meetings, the company sought a reliable conference call solution – and found one in atms Corporate Conference with its own dial-in number.


 ITSDONE provides high-quality IT services to clients throughout Austria. The company’s Bratislava office also looks after Austrian clients with a strong presence in Central and Eastern Europe. In a bid to cut down on travelling expenses for meetings, the company sought an international conference call solution that guarantees optimal service in spite of the physical distance and that is also accessible from Eastern Europe. Furthermore, the solution was supposed to facilitate additional individual functions such as the use of a conference leader or the recording of conversations.

atms Solution

atms developed a customized Corporate Conference solution for ITSDONE with its own dial-in number. A Web application makes it very easy for ITSDONE to send an email and/or SMS to people they would like to invite to take part in conference calls. The invitation is issued to all registered participants and contains the access number, date, time and likely duration as well as the topic of the meeting. An automatic entry is also generated in the invited person’s electronic calendar (e.g. Outlook).

The requested conference leader function was also implemented. The conference leader can:

  • lock the conference room and protect it from access by non-authorized participants,
  • mute all the other participants so that only he can be heard,
  • start recording the conference call at any time and listen to it via a secret PIN,
  • replicate all the telephone keypad control functions via the Internet using a Web management tool.

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Created on: 07/14/2010