Simple availability for technical assistance

Customers primarily contact HELFERLINE by telephone. Thanks to atms it has been possible to set up a particularly easy-to-remember 0800 hotline which can be reached not only in Austria, but also in Germany and Switzerland. The start-up is thus ideally prepared for the planned expansion abroad.


Customers primarily contact HELFERLINE by telephone. This sales channel has been consciously promoted so that people who are technically less adept do not have to struggle with an app or website when booking assistance. Nor is an app or website often not available if the customer has a problem with their equipment or internet connection.

Consequently a free hotline was chosen as HELFERLINE’s central sales channel from the outset. In addition to an “attractive”, easy-to-remember phone number, it was above all important to the company to be ideally prepared for the planned expansion abroad.

atms Solution

With the support of atms it was possible to arrange a free, easy-to-remember and particularly attractive number (0800 400 470) for customers of HELFERLINE.

This can be used not only by customers in Austria – in Germany and Switzerland it will also be possible to reach HELFERLINE under precisely the same number. This involves so-called “DACH package”, a special feature of atms’s service number portfolio.

To enable customers also to be supported by means of remote maintenance on the phone when they have minor problems, the call number package has been complemented by a low-cost 0900 number.

All this means HELFERLINE customers are offered a problem free option for ordering a technical helper who will solve any problems on site from Monday to Sunday (08:00 am - 0:00 pm). Thanks to the easy-to-remember phone number, even when the company’s business card or website is not available.

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Created on: 08/18/2016