Case study Caritas Austria

Regular donation and info service via SMS

Caritas wanted its “Future Without Hunger” fundraising campaign to feature innovative SMS solutions. atms implemented a regular donation method for this via SMS, including an SMS number and a technical donation platform as well as a 30-day info-SMS campaign for which the customer was free to enter its own messages.


In the summer of 2012, Caritas launched a large-scale campaign – Zukunft ohne Hunger (A Future Without Hunger) – to support the poor and needy in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

An innovative feature was to be the extensive use of text messaging (SMS):

  • an opportunity to make regular donations by SMS to a specific project in the Sahel region (SMS-Dauerspende) and
  • an SMS-based awareness campaign with ‘Messages of the Day’, which the customer was free to enter itself (30-Day Challenge).

To achieve the maximum effect, the two SMS schemes were designed to work in conjunction with each other. Caritas wanted a single SMS number for the entire campaign. The charity also specified that the SMS solutions should be easy to administer.

atms Solution

Regular donation by text:

“Save a human life in the Sahel region for as little as €7 per month” was the rallying call issued by Caritas, urging the public to donate online or by text message. atms devised a complete package to handle regular SMS donation consisting of an SMS number, a technical donation platform and a simple logic operation for regular donation, including donation statistics.

In addition, a reminder system was set up: on the 25th day of the month following a successful donation, the donor received this reminder via SMS: “Dear sponsor against hunger, if you would like to make another €7 donation this month to save a human life in Africa, simply text us with the message ‘YES’.”

30-Day Challenge:

160 Characters to Combat Hunger – this involved getting a daily email or text message offering advice on how to be more aware of the environment, how to save energy and how to conserve natural resources, e.g. “Persuade your company to serve fair trade coffee in the canteen” or “When you throw rubbish in the bin today, think how you might reduce the quantity next time you go shopping”.

Registration for Caritas’ 30-day awareness campaign was carried out either online or by texting ‘30days’ to 0664/6603333. The majority of people participating in the campaign preferred to use the SMS service rather than the email service.

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Created on: 08/24/2012