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Phone number concept for international toll hotline

ASFINAG plans, finances, builds, maintains, operates and collects tolls on the entire Austrian motorway and expressway network. atms developed the phone number concept based on 00800 international freephone and 0800 freephone numbers to facilitate the introduction of a free information hotline which can be called from anywhere in Europe.

“With atms, we get top quality, from consulting to implementation, and only have one point of contact, which greatly facilitates project work.”

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Werner Fritz, Head of Customer Management at ASFINAG


An information hotline that can be called from anywhere in Europe was to be provided within a very short space of time for the introduction, from 1 January 2004, of the new, fully electronic toll system for lorries and buses by means of “GO-Box”. One of the requirements was for a high level of capacity, particularly in the initial phase.

atms Solution

The phone number concept developed by atms, with 00800 international freephone and 0800 freephone numbers, makes it possible to call ASFINAG’s toll hotline from anywhere in Europe, with calls being processed without the need for additional interfaces to international telecommunications providers. This facilitates the quickest possible reaction times while also keeping costs to a minimum.

  • Furthermore, origin-dependent routing based on countries facilitates precise distribution of the calls within the system and optimal utilization of available capacities.
  • Individual call reporting, which is provided online via the atmsServicePortal, allows continuous optimization of the call flows for the toll hotline.

Since the launch of the hotline in 2003, ASFINAG has been relying on ongoing support and advice from atms. Thanks to this long-term and professional collaboration, ASFINAG’s telephone customer service processes have been continuously improved.

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Created on: 04/20/2009