Case study AK Wien

Appointment reminder solution on SMS-to-email basis

In order to reduce the number of appointments not kept at the Arbeiterkammer Wien (Vienna Chamber of Labour) and enable them to be re-assigned quickly, atms was tasked with providing an appointment reminder solution on SMS-to-email basis. This new service has facilitated a significant reduction in non-attendance of about 20%.


Every week the AK Wien arranges some 1,000 half-hour appointments with employees seeking advice. However, around 20 per cent of appointments are not kept, with no prior notification of cancellation. This results in considerable costs due to periods of non-productivity.

The AK Wien was therefore looking for a way of sending a simple and cost-effective appointment reminder to its clients in order to reduce the high level of non-attendance.

atms Solution

Working together with the AK, an appointment reminder system was implemented on SMS-to-email basis. atms programmed an easy-to-use web interface for the AK, via which the clients’ appointment-relevant data is transmitted to atms by means of file uploads.

48 hours prior to the appointment, a reminder SMS is automatically generated in the atms network infrastructure and sent to the relevant AK clients via a direct link to all Austrian mobile network operators.

The following is an example of an appointment reminder SMS:
“Appointment reminder from AK Wien! Please reply with NO if you cannot keep your appointment at 11.30 on 04/03/2011. Thank you for your assistance!”

If a client replies “No” by SMS, the mobile number is compared against the data stored in the database, triggering an automated email to a previously designated AK official.

Use of the atms solution facilitated a significant reduction of the non-attendance rate of around 20 per cent within a short period of time. With the AK advisors’ workload now being managed more effectively, any appointments that are freed up can be re-assigned more quickly to others seeking advice. This ensures improved service quality for AK clients and significantly reduced internal costs.

Meanwhile, the appointment reminder solution is in three different departments at the AK Wien in use as well as in the AK NÖ and the AK Kärnten.

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Created on: 04/05/2011